What is precious to me?

For He is so precious, so precious to me,
For He is so precious, so precious to me;
’Tis heaven below, my Redeemer to know,
For He is so precious to me.

Charles H. Gabriel, 1902

I woke up this morning with this chorus running in my head. I like this song. It is a great praise song of my Redeemer, Jesus Christ. But as I meditated on this for a little while, I began to wonder: Is he really precious to me? What is precious to me? My Lord? My wife? What?

As I looked into my heart, and prayed about this, I came to a conclusion. Jesus is not really precious to me. Oh, He is important, vitally important. Without Him, I would be lost and on my way to Hell. But He isn’t precious. I love Him. I worship Him. But that doesn’t make Him precious. I pondered some more on this.

I also came to the conclusion that my wife is not precious to me. This isn’t to say that I don’t love my wife. I do love her, intensely. She is the one that holds my life on this earth together. She feeds me, makes sure I am clothed, pays my bills, does everything she can for me, but that doesn’t make her precious.

So what is precious to me? I finally decided that I had only one thing that was precious to me: me. What is the highest priority in my life? To please me. What is the most important way for me to spend my time? Doing those things that I want to do. I am the thing that is precious to me. I vowed then and there to change that.

I am making my Lord precious to me. I am making my wife precious to me. Holding something precious is like loving something. It is a choice. God tells us to love Him above all else. This isn’t the First Suggestion, or the Greatest Suggestion. It is the First Commandment, the Greatest Commandment. We choose to obey or not. When we choose to obey this commandment, we choose to love Him. If it weren’t a choice, God would not have commanded it. Holding something precious is the same way. We decide what is precious to us. I have decided that I am going to do what I should have been doing all along. I am putting my Savior, Jesus Christ, before me. I am putting my wife before me. Their wants and desires will come before my wants and desires.

Do I have some illusion that just because I have made this decision that I will always carry it out? Not on your life. But I know that with the Lord’s help, I can strive to always put them before me. That is all that I can do. Pray for me that I can make Jesus and my wife precious.

What about you? What is precious to you?

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