What We Do

Our primary focus is to present the gospel at fairs and festivals by means of our presentation apparatus.  Our first step is to rent a booth at the fair.  It can be inside or it can be outside, depending on the fair.  Our booth looks like this:

We attract people over to our booth with a tract with a smiley face on it, similar to the one to the right. People generally resist receiving gospel tracts,  They will accept these tracts because they have the smiley face on them.  They like to get them.  This brings the people over to our booth, so that we can then present the gospel to them.

We open the first door, and show them the first thing that God can't do.  God can't lie, according to Titus 1:2.  Notice that we have the text in Spanish as well as English, so that we can reach the Hispanic population, which is a significant portion of the population these days.

Next we direct their attention to the banner that we have in the back of the booth, which poses the question, "Are you 50%, 75%, or 100% sure that you will go to heaven when you die?"  We ask them that question, and seek to get an answer from them.

What we have done is to tell them three important things about God, shown them their need for Jesus in their lives, and caused them to quantify their spiritual condition.  If we don't get a good, sound, Biblical, witness of salvation, then we ask them into the booth, sit them down at one of the tables in the back, and take the Bible and tell them about being saved.When the Lord blesses us with a soul being saved, we don't just leave them there.  We take their contact information, and pass that on to a sound, fundamental Baptist church in the area, so that they may follow up.  Our goal is that these new Christians should be discipled in the faith, grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, be baptized, and become soul winners themselves.